Since 1999, ISO New England has operated some of the nation’s most innovative and successful wholesale electric power markets. The wholesale markets enable generators to sell the electricity they produce to utilities, marketers and others who in turn sell it to end users – the region’s businesses and households. The wholesale electric power markets help ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of electricity. ISO New England provides oversight and fair administration of these markets.
Markets illustration.
Five-minute data include near-real-time data which are used for rapid assessment of system and market operations behavior.
Current and historical hourly Real-Time and Day-Ahead data for prices, load, and Day-Ahead Load Response.
ISO-NE operates a variety of ancillary markets to ensure reliable, efficient electric power service.
Historical records for operation of New England’s wholesale electricity markets include reports, hourly data and daily and monthly summaries.
ISO-NE reports describe and analyze the performance and development of the region’s wholesale electric power markets.
ISO-NE ensures that Market Participants obey rules and procedures, and may act to deter anti-competitive practices.
Access an electronic bulletin board hosted by PJM for bilateral transactions, as well as instructions for use and registration form.
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