Forward Capacity Market (FCM)
The objective of the Forward Capacity Market (FCM) is to purchase sufficient capacity for reliable system operation for a future year at competitive prices where all resources, both new and existing, can participate.
Timelines for participating in the auctions include dates for posting the auction assumptions, when the auction bidding period opens and closes, and the due date for posting auction results.
Public results from Auctions conducted in the Forward Capacity Market.
All resources wishing to participate in the Forward Capacity Market must qualify. Access the forms and guides used in the qualification process for participating in the Forward Capacity Market.
Presentations made at conferences, forums and stakeholder meetings focused on the Forward Capacity Market in New England.
Access various reports related to many aspects of the Forward Capacity Market.
FERC filings and orders associated with the Forward Capacity Market.
Additional documents associated with the Forward Capacity Market.
This online bulletin board facilitates project sponsors with capacity resources having single-season capability to find a partner to participate in an FCA through a Composite Offer.
Use this tool to help determine the dispatch zone of Demand Resources in the FCM, targeting existing or potential customers.
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