Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Gordon van Welie

“At ISO New England, we are united behind a mission and vision that inspire us, and committed to living our core values in our interactions with each other and our stakeholders.”

Clarity of purpose is the starting point for all success. The ISO’s mission, vision, and values define our purpose—these values serve as the cultural cornerstones of the organization.

Our Mission

Through collaboration and innovation, ISO New England plans the transmission system, administers the region’s wholesale markets, and operates the power system to ensure reliable and competitively priced wholesale electricity.

Our Vision

To harness the power of competition and advanced technologies to reliably plan and operate the grid as the region transitions to clean energy.

Our Core Values

ISO New England Core Value: Expertise


Leveraging skills, experience, and industry knowledge to solve complex problems

ISO New England maintains a highly technical, skilled and diverse staff, many of whom are experts in their respective fields and all of whom are essential to the success of the organization’s mission.

ISO New England Core Value: Respect


We value each other and our stakeholders

ISO New England promotes a positive work culture, treats all people with dignity, and cares deeply about the wellbeing of its employees; we value diversity, equity, and inclusion, which we cultivate internally and in all stakeholder interactions.

ISO New England Core Value: Dependability


Demonstrate commitment through integrity and accountability to each other and to all stakeholders

We have a long history of reliability in operating the grid, power system planning, and being available to serve and support all stakeholders; we are dedicated to our mission and take pride in our work and approach our responsibilities with enthusiasm and professionalism.

ISO New England Core Value: Innovation


Ingenuity and inventiveness, developing new solutions to serve the region

Through creativity and ingenuity, we remain at the forefront of grid operation, market administration, and power system planning. We are always looking to create novel and more effective solutions to address complex industry challenges.

ISO New England Core Value: Collaboration


Working together to meet our mutual goals

ISO New England’s employees are committed to teamwork and the flow of ideas within and between business functions and with stakeholders to achieve efficient and effective outcomes for the ISO and the region.

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