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Power Your Career: Intern at the ISO

At ISO New England, interns spend their time working with industry experts on projects that matter. You’ll do real work in your area of study, experience the inner workings of a large, thriving, not-for-profit corporation, and learn all about our vital industry—highly marketable skills whether you specialize in energy or not.

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Intern-to-Employee Stories

Former intern, current employeeEva

UMass Amherst, Electrical Engineering
Interned: Summer 2017
Hired full-time: Spring 2018

“My internship at ISO New England inspired me to pursue a career in the power systems industry. I gained valuable insight into the industry through hands-on projects, and my supervisors and senior management supported and encouraged me each step of the way. When I was employed full-time after graduation, the learning opportunities didn’t stop –the ISO provides ongoing training, professional development programs, and daily challenges that continue to strengthen my skills as an engineer.”

Former intern, current employeeFabio

UMASS Amherst, Electrical Engineering
Interned: Summer 2014 – Spring 2015
Hired full-time: Summer 2015

“For me, interning with ISO New England opened a door into the energy industry, expanding my view well beyond what I had encountered in the classroom. In my role with the Power System Model Management Department, I had the chance to dive head-first into the New England power grid, understand its complexities, and get to know the very people who tirelessly work behind the scene to make it run smoothly. Upon graduation, being offered a full-time position in the Transmission Planning Department was a fantastic opportunity to start my career and help ensure a bright future for all residents of New England.”

Former intern, current employeeKaren

University of Connecticut, MS in Accounting
Interned: Spring 2010 – Summer 2011
Hired full-time: Winter 2013

“The unique, rewarding internship program at ISO New England changed my perspective on the typical accounting career path. I discovered that the ISO wasn’t just a place for talented engineers but a place welcome to a wide scope of different skills and career interests, and I found myself at home in such a receptive environment. Shortly after my internship, I began my career at ISO New England and the opportunities to learn and collaborate with bright-minded people have been endless ever since.”

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